The innovative EntreVET project under the Erasmus+ program, of which RIG is a partner, now has an e-learning platform that offers comprehensive entrepreneurship training materials available in Polish, English, German and Greek.


About the project:


The EntreVET Project is focused on fostering of the entrepreneurial spirit among VET students, to improve their integration in the labour market, through the upskilling of VET staff and teachers by improving and updating the operations, the procedures and the practices of the VET institution, in terms of entrepreneurship, based on the creation of a Model Institution.


Training Module Topics:


  • Creativity
  • Communication and Active Listening
  • Dealing with Uncertainty and Risk
  • Working with Others
  • Digital Skills
  • Self-Awareness
  • Taking the Initiative
  • Motivation and Persistence
  • Appreciation of Ideas
  • Vision
  • Knowledge of Finance and Economics
  • Mobilizing Resources
  • Planning and Management
  • Minimizing Risks


Each Module Includes:


  • Presentation
  • Training Fiche
  • Evaluation Exercises in the Form of Quiz


Innovation of the Platform:


In addition, the e-learning platform includes a self-assessment tool for entrepreneurship support institutions – “Evaluation Mechanism of the Entrepreneurial Capacities of VET Institutions.”


Useful links:

Project website: 

E-learning Platform: 


We invite you to use our resources and develop your entrepreneurial skills!