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Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Katowice was established in 1990 by 103 founders from the Silesian Voivodeship. During the 32 years of tradition, CCI in Katowice became a strong partner for business entities in Silesia and in other regions of Poland. Supporting of Business is not our only area of activity, we have strong relations with scientific, self-governmental and national institutions of Poland. If we sum up the number of companies with which we cooperate, we will get 2000 business entities. We are the most dynamically operating Chamber of Commerce in Poland!

Our experience and will of growth of our member companies pushed us to create the international network, we have branches in Israel and Pakistan. Our international partners are in United States (Nevada State), Słovakia, Czech, China, India, Hungary, and Ukraine.

As the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Katowice we create a strong community of entrepreneurs in Silesia and in whole Poland. It is worth taking advantage of the benefits offered by the Chamber

What can we offer to entrepreneurs?

  • The Chamber, above all, is networking and new contacts. We regularly organize meetings of member companies, which are attended by several dozen companies each time, as well as other interesting events.

  • We are one of the largest and most dynamic chamber of commerce in Poland - we bring together over 500 companies, and several thousand companies annually participate in our events and projects.

  • Each Member Company is entitled to a Benefit Package.

  • Thanks to membership you can gain new customers - by taking advantage of cooperation with other Chamber member companies.

  • We help to spread wings in many areas and increase competitiveness of our companies.

  • Participation in interesting events (European Congress od SMEs aurels of Skills and Competence, conferences, webinars, business breakfasts, trainings)

  • We facilitate obtaining external financing for business activity from EU and commercial funds.

  • We legalize export documents and issue certificates of origin.

  • We help in entering and functioning on the Polish market. We also assist in finding partners and clients.

  • We are effective in obtaining up to 100% EU funding for the implementation of development services (including training) for SMEs, as part of EU projects.

  • We support companies in gaining trainees with refund of costs of internship organization.

  • We provide professional support in marketing and promotional activities.

  • We offer amicable settlement of disputes, which is a faster and cheaper alternative to traditional courts.

  • We have space to work and organize events. Our building is in the very center of Katowice.

European Congress of SMEs

We are the organizer of the biggest event dedicated to small and medium sized enterprises in the world the European Congress of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises.

Website: www.ekmsp.eu


  • Representing the interests of entrepreneurs who are members of the Chamber in dialogue with public authorities, organizations of workers, including in contacts with trade unions.

  • Shaping, disseminating, and promoting the principles of ethics and integrity in business developing and improving the standards of fair business conduct.

  • Providing opinions on legal acts regarding the economy, monitoring their implementation and functioning, and presenting these evaluations along with possible proposals for changes to the relevant public authorities.

  • Organizing assistance to Chamber Members in solving economic, organizational, and legal problems related to conducting business activity.

  • Conducting promotional activities for Chamber Members and assistance in establishing contacts with partners at home and abroad.

  • Development of the education system preparing personnel for market needs.

  • Acting for the benefit of employment and development of human resources, performing tasks arising from membership in the Polish Chamber of Commerce.

  • Running the Arbitration Court at the Chamber, as well as a mediation center.

  • Conducting mediation and honorary proceedings in business cases in which at least one of the parties is a Member of the Chamber.

  • Representing the interests of entrepreneurs who are members of the Chamber before public authorities, organizations of workers, including in contacts with trade unions.

  • Conducting lobbying activity, understood as any action carried out with the use of legally permissible methods, aimed at influencing the public authorities in order to take into account the reasons and interests of certain social or professional groups in making decisions - according to the principles set out in the Act of July 7, 2005. - on lobbying activities in the lawmaking process.

  • Undertaking and carrying out activities aimed at mobilization of Chamber Members, gaining new members, and stimulating entrepreneurial attitudes among citizens, especially among young people.

  • Undertaking and carrying out activities for the development of entrepreneurship in modern organizational, innovative, and technological forms.


Katarzyna Piosek

mobile. +48 691 280 789, Office: +48 (32) 781 49 83


mobile: +48 533 310 441, office: +48 (32) 351-11-95


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