Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Katowice along with Kancelaria KBZ Żuradzki Barczyk & Wspólnicy Adwokaci i Radcy Prawni Sp. k. would like to invite you to a training course about the changes in labour law 2023 (including the amendment of 1 December 2022):




During the training course the participants:

  • will be introduced to new rules on remote working, sobriety control and directives: work-life balance and transparent and predictable working conditions,
  • obtain knowledge on how to adapt the company to the new legislation, including which internal acts to prepare and implement,
  • learn about the new obligations of employers and the new rights of employees,
  • will be informed regarding a new acceptable form of employee documents: electronic form.


“We kindly inform you, that the new regulations concerning sobriety control will take effect as early as 21st February 2023, whereas the new rules regarding remote working will come into effect on 7th April 2023. Meanwhile, amendment to the Labour Law implementing the EU directives on work-life balance and on transparent and predictable working conditions were accepted by the Sejm on 8th February 2023. Given the schedule of the Sejm and the Senat, the law could still enter into effect in April 2023. We recommend that you prepare yourself for the aforementioned upcoming changes in the area of employment.”


Time: 16.02.2023, 10.00-12.30 a.m.

Online event

Methodology: lecture, multimedia presentation, discussion, case study, Q&A


The following are particularly invited to participate in the training:

  • specialists in human resources and payroll,
  • HR specialists,
  • Team managers,
  • Management staff

Along with persons interested in the subject


The training will be conducted by Aneta Żuradzka, legal adviser of Kancelaria KBZ Żuradzki Barczyk & Wspólnicy Adwokaci i Radcy Prawni Sp. K, postgraduate and academic teacher of Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Silesia , specialist in labour law and data protection law. Advises HR departments (e.g. at businesses with more than 500 employees) and represents Clients in the field of individual and collective labour law, including in labour law trials, in business transformation processes and in proceedings related to accidents at work. She has been involved in projects related to employee outsourcing, takeovers of workplaces and collective dismissals. Has experience in negotiating with trade unions on behalf of Employers. Holds experience in providing legal services to Polish and foreign individual and business clients from the pharmaceutical, automotive, foundries, heating, clothing, construction and financial sectors.


Cost of attending the training course:

For member companies of CCI in Katowice: PLN 99 + 23%VAT

For companies not associated in CCI in Katowice: PLN 199 + 23%VAT

The price is for the participation of 1 person and includes: attendance at a ‘live’ training course with a Q&A session and a pdf certificate, access to electronic training materials.


Online registration – here.


Applications will be accepted until 15.02.2023.

The organiser reserves the right to change the date of the training course or to cancel it for reasons beyond its control.


We welcome you!


Organisational contact:

Education, consultancy and project team

tel.: 32/ 351 11 86