You can create a website in 3 minutes. Sounds unbelievable? WebWave AI Builder™ makes the impossible possible. The creator is enriched with new templates that you can use via AI. Thanks to them you will manage without the help of a specialist!


WebWave is expanding its database of templates under the AI creator. They are created by experienced designers. The goal is that even beginners, can create their own site. Thanks to the templates and AI Builder, this has become possible.


Your contribution may – or may not – be minimal. You will put exactly as much effort as you want – or as much as you are able – into creating the website. It’s up to you how much design input you have. You decide what your website will look like.


New AI opportunities 


Specialists of WebWave are systematically expanding the template database. Only recently they have added 24 templates. They provide inspiration for artificial intelligence. Refined patterns, fonts and color groups appear in the designs made by AI.


New designs have a maximum of 7 subpages. They will work perfectly for informational pages or as a portfolio. There is something for everyone – artists, businessmen or small entrepreneurs. Three of the templates are classic one-pagers.


They have been carefully designed with a variety of styles to meet diverse needs. As you create your site, you can choose from attractive style options: business site, creative, boho, minimalist, elegant and vintage. Each of these options is enhanced with new capabilities.


Designing with WebWave is now even easier and faster. You can check it out and see for yourself that creating a website in 3 minutes is possible!


The capabilities of the website builder are climbing to heights. The addition of new templates allows greater compatibility with user expectations. Thus, editing content is not always necessary. You can limit yourself to changing graphics or refining text.


Poles took a liking to creating websites thanks to AI


WebWave follows trends. More than six months ago, the WebWave AI Builder™ feature was introduced. While creating pages with the builder was already quick and easy, this has made it lightning fast. With the brilliant AI Builder, anyone can design a nice site – even those who are far from digital natives.


This feature of the WebWave creator is consistently popular. From January to mid-March this year, Polish WebWave users generated almost 14,500 pages thanks to artificial intelligence – 5916 in January, 5677 in February and 2902 in the first half of March.


The popularity of our AI Builder is further proof that people are not afraid of artificial intelligence. What’s more, they are eager to use it, seeing tangible benefits such as time savings and the ease with which you can create your website. With WebWave, you can create it in minutes, regardless of your level of digital proficiency – noted Maciej Czajkowski, CEO of WebWave.


How to create a site with AI? It’s really simple. Just add a short description of your business. Include what you expect from the page, choose from the available styles and wait 3 minutes. The site is ready!


The undeniable advantage is the possibility of further editing. You have a chance to bring the site even closer to your vision. Your dream project is at your fingertips.


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