The collection of 100,000 citizen signatures for an Act to introduce voluntary social insurance contributions for self-employed persons began in January. CCI in Katowice actively supports  Legislative Initiative Committee for the draft law of Dobrowolny ZUS for Entrepreneurs in Poland.


The functioning of the polish system of social insurance has long raised many doubts, especially in the business community. The postulate of the right to choose when paying pension, disability and accident insurance contributions comes up repeatedly when discussing the need for systemic legislative changes. Entrepreneurs, especially those representing small companies, would often prefer to pay commercial insurance instead of Social Insurance. It is worth mentioning that in 2023, entrepreneurs accounting for a flat rate will pay more for health insurance due to the increase in the average salary.


As the document prepared by the Legislative Initiative Committee reads: “the changes proposed in the Act will have a positive impact on the development of entrepreneurship in Poland by removing financial barriers to the establishment and operation of businesses by start-up, micro and lowest earning entrepreneurs”.


Moreover, “the voluntary payment of the social contribution will also reduce the phenomenon of activity in the shadow economy, i.e. the generation of untaxed income outside state control.”


Dobrowolny ZUS for Entrepreneurs in Poland implements the first point of the SME Ombudsman Adam Abramowicz’s 10-part agenda, consistently implementing the Business Constitution. Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Katowice, as the organisation working in Enterprise Council of SME Ombudsman, want to show the strength of the business community when their voice is not dispersed.


As an institution of economic self-government, we always aim to influence the reality and legal solutions affecting the business community. I encourage you to collect signatures. All hands on deck! Let’s show that we can unite, just like other professional and social groups whose voice is listened to by legislators and those in power – encourages Tomasz Zjawiony, President of Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Katowice.


As it is not possible to submit signatures electronically, signatures are collected on special cards.


The signature can be made at the CCI headquarters as well as at all events organised by the Chamber in February and March.

We invite representatives of our Member Companies, business institutions, local governments, universities, as well as private individuals to get involved in spreading the campaign and collecting signatures, which can be submitted by any citizen of Poland! At least 100,000 signatures must be collected.

Signed letters can be brought to the Chamber’s headquarters in Katowice at 15 Opolska Street (ul. Opolska 15), from Monday to Friday, between 8.00 am and 4.00 pm until 3rd March this year.


Download the signature card: HERE.


Read the Act:: HERE.




Contact for the collection of citizen signatures:

Magdalena Jarocka

tel. 534 221 556