Can small steps lead to big changes? The 5th International Climate Sumit TOGETAIR 2024 is a perfect example that it is possible. Another edition is approaching  fast. This year’s two-day congress will take place on April 22-23, 2024 in Warsaw. What topics will experts from the world of ecology, business and sustainable transformation address this time?



Together, towards the future


The TOGETAIR International Climate Summit is a annual event that aims to build a space for the exchange of ideas, cooperation for environmental protection, the achievement of climate goals, and support for ambitious, economically and socially rational Polish climate policy initiatives. The two-day event, which is organized by the Clean Air Foundation and the Positive Ideas Foundation, is carried out in a hybrid formula, in three TV studios. Last year’s edition of TOGETAIR 2023 became an important element of social dialogue – a total of 32 debates and 27 key notes were held across three thematic stages, and as many as 150 companies, institutions and NGOs participated in the event. The total reach of the message reached a record high, reaching an audience of 61 million through numerous publications, live streaming and promotional activities conducted on social media and on the communication channels of the event’s partners – both domestically and internationally.

The event will take place April 22-23, 2024 in Warsaw, Poland.

This year’s edition will once again bring together representatives of various sectors, in particular government and local administration, scientific institutions, business, the non-governmental sector and the media. Details of the event are available on the organizer’s website:

It is also worth noting that tickets for the event are free, and registration is open. We encourage you to read the program and register through the website:

Three thematic scenes – one goal

The idea behind the upcoming event is to work together towards the future. Within three thematic stages, experts will come together to debate solutions, environmental trends, as well as opportunities and threats to the environment from the perspective of the years to come. The CLIMATE CARE stage will become a space to address topics such as decarbonization, sustainable construction, the Closed Circuit Economy or concern for air quality, water resources and biodiversity, among others. The next of the stages, BUSINESS CONNECT, will address topics such as the responsibility of businesses towards actions that affect the environment, energy markets or financing sustainable development and the role of process automation. And the third of the stages, FUTURE COOPERATION, will focus on the use of innovative technologies and thoughtful solutions to climate change, as well as the role of innovation and global trends in the future of our planet.

What else awaits the participants of the TOGETAIR 2024?

The broad range of experts, however, will not be limited to the debates held on three thematic stages. As in the past year, participants of the TOGETAIR International Climate Summit can look forward to inspiring key note speakers and dynamic power speeches. Discussions will also take place in an open roundtable format, and invited guests will sit in hot chairs to share their insights on topics related to ecological perspectives that affect the future of the planet. Information on the details of the event, its next elements and the speakers who will appear on the thematic stages will be detailed in the near future.

TOGETAIR 2024 aims not only to awaken public awareness of environmental action, but also to show that even a small step – from segregating waste to choosing public transportation or promoting renewable energy sources – can make a significant difference toward building a sustainable future and a better, greener world for future generations. The event was covered under the communications umbrella defined by the slogans #TOGETHER FOR US #TOGETHER FOR CLIMATE. This year’s edition is based on three thematic stages and three pillars: The organizers point out that they want to unite instead of divide, to care about climate and environment, to work together for a better future. In effect – to act together for the climate, realizing the idea of #TOGETAIR.

Participation in the event is an excellent opportunity to engage in conscious action to build an ambitious, economically rational Polish Climate and Energy Policy. Meeting in an expert group is not only a chance to exchange thoughts and experiences, gain new knowledge and the opportunity to adopt a new perspective in line with the latest ecological trends – with an eye to the future.

The Business HUB magazine is a media patron of the event.