28th of May 2023 is an important date in the CCI calendar of annual events. For the first time in the 30-year history of the Chamber, a meeting of Member Companies with their families was organised at the Museum “Upper Silesian Ethnographic Park in Chorzów” (Muzeum „Górnośląski Park Etnograficzny” w Chorzowie).


The outdoor event, surrounded by the historic wooden cottages and granaries of the former Silesian- Zagabian village of Skansen, brought together over 160 participants – representatives of Member Companies, Partners and Sponsors with their families.




Each and every one of us carries several roles in our lives and everyone has a supportive and loving family beside them. Hence the idea to organise such a meeting, not only in terms of developing management skills, but above all to show that we are a family. Not just us in the Chamber as entrepreneurs, but each and every one of us. That is why it is a meeting with our children, husbands, wives, relatives. I am very happy about this event. Once again you have shown that the #RIG family can be relied upon – said the President of Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Katowice Tomasz Zjawiony, welcoming the gathered guests. 



The event, which went beyond the business cliché, proved to be a sensational hit. This is due, among other things, to its unique location in the peaceful atmosphere of a village museum in the open air, surrounded by historic wooden architecture, with ethnographic exhibits, on a grassy field of more than 35 hectares.


We have a space that is ideal for meetings, not only family meetings, but also business meetings. With us you can touch tradition, see what a traditional village used to look like, and talk about important issues. It is my great pleasure to welcome you. The calendar of events for this year at the Museum is very rich, and I invite you to visit us more often – explained the Director of the Museum, Paulina Cius-Górska.



No wonder that the CCI’s new idea for outdoor family gatherings has received a very warm welcome.



Very well done that’s’ family friendly and very well done it’s happening outdoors. The CCI p President ordered good weather and there it is. Such events are worth organising. We hope to meet again soon for such an event – said Monika Król and Tomasz Król from Śląskia Agencja Finansowo-Ubezpieczeniowa.


We are delighted, on top of that you ordered the weather, which means you have amazing powers. It’s wonderful, great people, it’s nice to get together, have a beer and roast a sausage on the campfire and catch some vitamin D in the process. There’s something nice for everyone – added Łukasz Jaworski and Magdalena Krawczyk-Jaworska, from Kancelaria Adwokacka Łukasz Jaworski.



The picnic programme was literally packed with attractions. Just to name a few: a tour of the museum along the “Who lives here?” trail with feeding farm animals, handicraft workshops (making tufts and making tiny wool sheep), cutting wood with a ” Moja-Twoja ” saw, turning a wheel, rehearsal of farm work with milking of a fake cow and goat, as well as painting faces and soap bubbles. When you add the delicious regional refreshments with the mandatory element of a sausage roasting over a fire – it is no wonder that both younger and older visitors to the event could not get bored.








The highlight of the event was a field game. The teams made up of families had to answer a set of questions about the Museum, e.g. give the names of the rabbits in the corral, count how old the church is or write down what the picture in the Kromołów cottage represents. Which required teamwork, orientation in the field, perceptiveness and, above all, the ability to find specific historical buildings where clues could be found. Thanks to the Picnic Partners, attractive prize packages awaited the fastest teams after completing the task.



We had a fantastic time and were very pleased that our company could participate in this type of event. “The railwaymen” turned out in good numbers and were the largest group at the event – more than 30 employees with their families. The kids had a great time. Many enjoyed face painting or took part in a field game. It is clear that everyone is happy. It’s good to get to know each other in person and spend time in a family atmosphere outside – highlighted Roksana Baca, Head of the Management Board Office Ecco Rail Sp. z o.o. Katowice branch.




This is a fantastic opportunity to meet all CCI Members, help and advertise the bank’s products. The experience is fantastic, there is a wonderful atmosphere in a beautiful natural setting. The organisation is sensational. People have been open, we’ve had some nice conversations, so congratulations on such an initiative and I think as a Chamber you will organise such picnics every year – added Sylwia Mikoda, the Director of Bank Pekao S.A., Katowice branch.



We would like to thank everyone who supported our new initiative. To the Participants and Partners, without whom this meeting would not have been possible. Special thanks go to the management of the Museum “Upper Silesian Ethnographic Park in Chorzów” for their organisational prompts and partnership.