Support in the form of know-how, training courses for local leaders of green transformation and assistance in launching a pilot photovoltaic installation on public buildings. These are the activities that the Euro-Centrum Science and Technology Park in Katowice will be undertaking in the coming months for representatives of the Ceadîr-Lunga municipality as part of the fifth edition of the Polish Challenge Fund programme. All to assist the Moldovan partner in fighting the problem of energy poverty, as well as reaching out to the city’s community with information on the available opportunities to reduce costs and gradually reduce dependence on external energy supplies.


The challenges of energy transformation are well known to us. We have walked this path ourselves. Energy effectiveness in buildings and the development of renewable sources of energy have been our mission from the beginning. We want to share our experience and knowledge with our partners in the Ceadîr-Lunga municipality to help develop a local, green and more independent energy systemsays Roman Trzaskalik, co-founder and vice-president of the Euro-Centrum Science and Technology Park.


The project is set to run until June 2023. The leadership and representatives of the Ceadîr-Lunga mayor’s office are heavily involved in its implementation, taking steps to ease the energy crisis hitting residents and businesses.


Based on the collected data and consultation with residents, we have decided to confront the problem of rising energy prices. We have made the decision that we need to swich to alternative energy, relying on renewable energy sources. By doing so, we want to change an imported and extractive energy system to a more independent and renewable one that will also benefit our residents. We believe that the cooperation with Euro-Centrum within the Polish Challenge Fund will help us significantly accelerate this process.says Topal Anatoli, Mayor of Ceadîr-Lunga.


The project “How far can we go and how fast can we do it? Accelerating a just energy transformation in Ceadîr-Lunga” is implemented by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) through the Polish Challenge Fund, with financial support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland. 


It consists of a partnership between the Euro-Centre Science and Technology Park (innovator) and the Municipality of Ceadîr-Lunga (local partner) to transfer expertise in energy efficiency, the application of renewable energy sources and energy saving technologies that can support the alleviation of energy poverty in Ceadîr-Lunga. The practical part of the project includes the development of a feasibility study for the application of renewable energy sources in Ceadîr-Lunga public buildings and the supervision of its implementation.


For information on the project please contact:


Innovator – Euro-Centrum Science and Technology Park
Patryk Białas,, +48 663 966 040


Local partner – Municipality of Ceadîr-Lunga

Oleg Fazli,, +373 796 29 867


UNDP – Polish Challenge Fund

Magdalena Kudlicka,, +48 795 550 628