As part of an Erasmus+ grant, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Katowice, together with partners from Portugal, Spain, Turkey, Bulgaria and Hungary, is working on solutions to effectively build and promote awareness of proper waste management. In May, the project partners met in Murcia to summarise the activities so far and plan the next steps.


RAW: Raising Awareness on effective Waste Management is a two-year project that aims to develop and implement tools for effective waste management and smart use of resources, which form the foundation in the transition to a closed circular economy. In doing so, the partners wish to draw attention not only to the waste hierarchy established by the European Union, but also to emphasise the need to take up the daily challenges in an effort to reduce the growing amount of waste generated. This responsibility also falls on companies.


On 16-17 May, the progress of the project in terms of its content and administration was discussed. It also summarised the work done so far on two of the project’s outcomes, i.e.: a guide to circular economy strategies in the business environment and an app to raise awareness in this area.


The handbook, for which the content was developed by the partners, consists of seven chapters on topics such as recycling at the production stage, reuse and redistribution of resources, or sustainable design. The content has a practical dimension, as it is largely based on case studies of professionals who are already applying a sustainable approach in their business activities. The handbook will be complemented by a digital RAW course, which, like the app, will be developed by Danmar Computers of Poland, the partner responsible for IT/ICT activities. The app will include exercises – ‘in a nutshell’ and educational quizzes, a strategy builder to create your own personalised path of action to support the transformation process, and a tool to track your individual environmental footprint (in game form).


The manual will soon be posted on the project website – both in English and in the national languages of the partners:


The host of the meeting was the EuroVértice institution.




The RAW partnership is formed by:


  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Poland (coordinator),
  • Mindshift Talent Advisory – Portugal,
  • Danmar Computers – Poland,
  • Gilgit Baltistan Chamber of Commerce & Industry (GbCCI) – Bulgaria,
  • EuroVértice – Spain,
  • Association of Academicians Union – Turkey.


The project is implemented as part of the Erasmus+ programme, KA220-VET Cooperation partnerships in vocational education and training.



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