“Climate change is progressing more rapidly and at every latitude we are at risk of increasingly dangerous weather anomalies. For this reason, we need to work together and I am very happy to be part of the 4th TOGETAIR2023 International Climate Summit.” – said Kadri Simson, who will open the event, which begins on 20 April, with her speech.


Kadri Simson is a party and government activist from Estonia, where she also fulfilled the role of the Minister of Economy and Infrastructure. As of 2019, she is a member of the European Commission as Commissioner for Energy.

With war raging in Europe and more than a year already passed since Russia’s barbaric attack on Ukraine, according to Kadri Simson, the most important thing at the moment for our entire continent is to reduce our energy dependence on Russia completely as soon as possible. Therefore, we need effective decisions on energy security in Europe.

The European REPowerEU programme, which aims not only to abandon the supply of raw materials from Russia, but also to support the development of RES, i.e. renewable energy sources, and to promote energy-saving measures, is intended to help achieve this goal.


We are proud that such a high-profile guest from the European Commission will open our summit. We invite not only politicians from the European Union, or of course from Poland, but also decision-makers, representatives of local governments, private and public business, universities, non-governmental foundations and journalists. We want to build a common ground across political or territorial divisions to find financial, legal and social solutions that will prepare us for the challenges of climate change – says Agata Śmieja, co-organiser of the summit and President of Fundacja Czyste Powietrze.




The TOGETAIR International Climate Summit will once again take place in the spaces of the University of Warsaw Library on 20-21.04.2023. A total of thirty-four debates and round-table discussions were scheduled.




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