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In 2005, Youth Forum was established by the CCI in Katowice. It's a Commission of the Council of the CCI in Katowice, which associates young, ambitious people, who actively support the Chamber. The scope of the Forum's activities includes economy, education, voluntary work and social corporate responsibility.  

We are an organization, which consists of young people: students, graduates, professionals, managers and Young Entrepreneurs. Established in 2005 we organize, among others, regular meetings with specialists in various fields in the form of "Business Meetings", "Economic Youth Forum" conference and also hold the position of Programme Partner of the annual European Congress of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in Katowice. Forum cooperates with the government (e.g. Ministry of Economy), local governments and municipalities. Our own program "Young Entrepreneur in the Modern City" aims to develop the key competences of young entrepreneurs and integrate the entrepreneurial  environment in order to facilitate the survival of the first years of running their own business.  We are the Initiator of the Polish Startup Manifesto dedicated to create the best environment for development of young entrepreneurs in Poland. From 2014 the sole organization representing the Young Entrepreneurs from Poland in the European Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs (YES for Europe) with headquarters in Brussels.


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