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Meeting of the leaders of G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance - summary

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Meeting of the leaders of G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance was conducted between 11th and 16th of May in Katowice. The meeting gathered young entrepreneurs from 20 biggest economies of the World. The representatives visited Silesian Voivodeship at the invitation of the YES for Europe the European Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs from Brussels and Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Katowice.


The co-hosts of the event was Silesian Voivodeship, GZM Metropolis, City of Katowice and City of Zabrze, the participants arrange the date of the next summit in Buenos Aires - 20th-21st September 2018 and worked out the project of the declaration which will be debated by 500 entrepreneurs during the September meeting in Argentina, after the debate, the document will be forwarded to the Leaders of G20 countries during their meeting, it will be published during 17-19 of October on VIII European Congress of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises.

Currently the G20 YEA is working on the topics related to education, taxation and the freedom of movement of the young entrepreneurs on the global market. “The delegates agreed, the meeting in Katowice was the best meeting during the last years. We discussed not only the main topics before the Global Summit of the G20 YEA group but we were able to talk about the future development of the G20 YEA Group – remarks Przemysław Grzywa, Director General of YES for Europe the European Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs from Brussels.

The participants of the leaders assembly, during their first visit in Poland apart from working meetings, discovered the economic potential of the Silesian Voivodeship and took a part in European Economic Congress in session: “The G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance – young entrepreneurship in the face of global challenges”. “We are proud that we hosted entrepreneurs from the G20 economies. I think the best sum up of the meeting are twitter posts of the participants in which they point the creativeness and innovativeness of Silesian Voivodeship.” remarks – Janusz Dramski , Vice-president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Katowice, representative of Polish entrepreneurs in YES for Europe.

G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance is a global network of young entrepreneurs and organizations supporting them and their development. The organization aims not only to share their initiative with the leaders of the biggest countries, but the try to share with the good practices and their experience about how to develop the business.

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