Traditionally, the first event organised by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Katowice in the new year was the meeting of representatives of the business community, local government, politics and science, who discussed business and development plans as well as directions for companies for 2023. Regional Economic Opening of the Year combined with an open meeting of Member Companies, an annual event in the calendar of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Katowice, took place on the 30th of January this year at the  Conference Centre of the Silesian Stadium in Chorzów.


The year 2023 promises to be a time of enormous challenges, during which entrepreneurs will have to verify their strategy and plans. High inflation, rising costs of energy and gas, significant increases in minimum wage and ZUS contributions and many legal changes important for entrepreneurs – these are only a fraction of problems the companies are facing. How do we face them and come out with as little damage as possible? This topic was discussed at the January event.



We want to share our experience and knowledge, which will let us make the transition of what lies ahead in 2023 easier. At the last year’s opening we predicted many problems that have come to pass. We look forward to viewing the coming time with greater optimism – said the CCI President Tomasz Zjawiony, welcoming the assembled guests.


The Organiser of the event presented plans for the upcoming months. It is worth noting that this is an election year for the institution of the economic self-government. The General Meeting scheduled for June this year will decide on the most important changes in the CCI operating strategy.


One of its element is building a healthy social awareness of women’s functioning in business without discriminating against any gender. This task is fulfilled by the Woman Business Hub project, which has been operating within the CCI since 2021.


We want to invite cooperation and activity in spirit of inclusivity, exchange of experience and knowledge. Under the slogan “Business has no gender”, it will operate this year – noted Edyta Kwiatkowska from Woman Business Hub.



Adam Abramowicz, Ombudsman for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, called for involvement and consolidation of the business community.


The union and cooperative action is the only way for those in power to notice and treat entrepreneurs as a group as important as farmers, teachers, miners or doctors. While we expect concrete action in favour of their companies, we need tools and facilities in the spirit of the five business principles in order to do business safely – emphasised Ombudsman Adam Abramowicz.



One of such problems is the design of the social security system, which has not been adapted to the income of entrepreneurs and the market situation. Therefore, the Citizens’ Bill Committee “Dobrowolny ZUS”. At least 100,000 votes of support must be collected within three months. Adam Abramowicz asked for the involvement and assistance of the CCI community.



During the inauguration of the event, the floor was also taken by Marek Gzik, Chairman of the Sejmik of the Silesian Voivodeship who assured that entrepreneurs are a very important partner for the local government, and that its’ role is to support and above all not to hinder economic entities.


We look at this year as a time of challenges and opportunities. The Marshal’s Office will be organising many information meetings to publicise EU programmes. EUR 5.1 billion is the planned funding stream from the Cohesion Fund and the Just Transition Fund for the Silesian Voivodship. Without you and the scientific community, we will not make good and effective use of these funds – assured Chairman of the Sejmik of the Silesian Voivodeship.


The launch of the potential of the 41 merged cities and districts of the Mertopolis, which is comparable to that of Warsaw, was mentioned by Kazimierz Karolczak, Chairman of the Upper Silesian and Zagłębie Metropolis.


Infrastructure plans are being implemented. Velostrades are being built, new bus connections between districts. The scale of measures to improve the quality of life in the Metropolis is constantly increasing, so that residents want to live and work here, commented Kazimierz Karolczak.


Vice-Mayor of the City of Katowice, Bogumił Sobula wished the attendees a real and adequate influence on reality, appropriate to the role played by entrepreneurs in economic and social life.


The Regional Economic Opening of the Year was attended by representatives of the Consulate of the Republic of Serbia in Katowice. Earlier, an agreement was signed at the CCI headquarters between the Katowice Chamber and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Nis, Serbia.


We have signed a cooperation agreement between our chambers. This is not just paper, there are people behind it, members of our organisations. I look forward to our mutual cooperation, market and trade exchange – concluded Aleksandar Milićević, Director of the Nis Chamber of Commerce and Industry.



The substantive part of the meeting was addressed by Maciej Samcik. The analyst of financial phenomena, economist, columnist and Editor-in-Chief of the “Subiektywnie o finansach” portal, shared with the participants an analysis of the current state of the Polish economy and prospects for 2023 in relation to the influence of factors from the global environment. The invited expert tried to answer some hard questions: “What about Poland in 2023? State budget, debt, inflation. How to defend your money?”.



In the next presentation, the most important legal changes in 2023 from entrepreneurs’ point of view was presented by Joanna Boroń – Senior Counsel/Lawyer KBZ Żuradzki Barczyk & Wspólnicy Adwokaci i Radcy Prawni.



The annual review meeting was also an opportunity to honour a number of companies and individuals actively working for the development of entrepreneurship; special medals on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Katowice were awarded to entrepreneurs, representatives of local government, the world of science, media and support organisations.


The programme of the event could not lack the welcoming of new Member Companies of CCI, which have recently joined the Chamber. Representatives of several companies received certificates confirming their membership in the Chamber community from the hands of the SME Ombudsman Adam Abramowicz, Marek Gzik the Chairman of the Sejmik of the Silesian Voivodeship, Honorary President of CCI Tadeusz Donocik and President Tomasz Zjawiony.



The next open meeting of CCI Member Companies – is to be held on the 27th of February. More details coming soon!



We welcome the new CCI Member Companies:


  • Artalis Sp. z o.o.
  • Biuro Rachunkowe „PARTNER” Sp. z o.o
  • DBN Sp. z o.o.
  • GRUPA DE Sp. z o.o.  Sp. k.
  • Kofeina Public Relations Sp. z o.o.
  • KTW. Legal Medaj Sobota Drząszcz Magaczewski Radcowie Prawni Sp. p.
  • MIBENO Sp. z o.o.
  • MJ Pawlak Jakub Pawlak
  • OPTIMA KJ Biuro Usług Księgowych Sp. z o.o.
  • Przedsiębiorstwo PHU “MEGA-WAG” R. Lewicki Sp. j.
  • SQUADRA MEDICA Sp. z o.o.
  • Śląskie Wesołe Miasteczko Sp. z o.o.
  • Wiktor Nowak
  • Zuzanna Popławska Business Advisory