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Recommendations after V SME Congress

The SME sector is the foundation of the Polish economy. To ensure its effective functioning, it is necessary to initiate changes in law, which will support entrepreneurs. Providing stable conditions for the growth of micro, small and medium entrepreneurship in our country is impossible without actively listening to the demands coming directly from that environment. That is why the results of the aforementioned annual meeting between entrepreneurs, representatives of the scientific community, business environment institutions, local governments and government authoritiesare presented in the “Recommendations”.


The publication comprise a collection of conclusions drawn during the debates and panel discussions of the Congress. Our goal is for them to become a guide to creating better development conditions for the sector of small and medium enterprises in Poland.




Many names of entrepreneurship – V European Congress of SME in October!

V European Congress of Small and Medium-Size Enterprises – it’s an event in which every entrepreneur looking for interesting solutions for their business should participate, but it’s also for everyone who is about to open an enterprise. Everyone will find something for themselves – organizers of this year’s Congress have prepared over 50 discussion panels divided into 6 subject areas and invited  in particular representatives of the central and local authorities, business, science and research institutions.

The Congress will take place from the 12th to 14th October, for the first time at a newly opened International Congress Centre inKatowice. As usual, the event will be accompanied by the Services and Products for Small and Medium-Size Enterprises Fair BIZNES EXPO (ang. Business Expo Fair) and by the program Samorząd, który wspiera MŚP (ang.The Local Self-Government that Supports SME).



Registration for the IV European Congress of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We would like to inform you that the free registration for the IV European Congress of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises has been opened on June 25.


B2B meetings session

RIG logo 25-lecie ANG enterprise europe network

With great pleasure we invite you to participate in the B2B meetings session during the V European Congress of SMEs, organized by Enterprise Europe Network in Katowice. It’s a great opportunity to develop and strengthen business relationships, gain new markets and meet several companies in one day.
Registration is open till 01.10.2015. Till 06.10.2015 entrepreneurs will be able to select potential partners.

Date and time of the meetings:
from 9 AM to 11 AM
from 11.30 AM to 1.30 PM
from 2 PM to 4 PM
From 9 AM to 11 AM
Duration of a meeting: 20 minutes
How to take part in our meetings:
Register at this website and create your own profile, so other participants will know what are you looking for (You will receive verification email). Select the meetings that you are interested in and accept incoming bookings. Shortly before the event you will receive a personalized meeting schedule.
The participation is not limited to specific sectors.
Participation in the meetings is free of charge.

If you have any questions, please contact Enterprise Europe Network in Katowice:
phone: 0048 32 72 85 865; 0048 32 72 85 903; 0048 32 72 85 829



IV European Congress of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises introductory press conference

On the 15th of May, a press conference introducing the IV European Congress of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises took place at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Katowice.

The conference was attended by: Jerzy Buzek, Prime Minister of Poland from 1997 to 2001, President of the European Parliament from 2009 to 2012, Chairman of the Honorary Committee of the IV ECSME, Tadeusz Donocik – President of Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Katowice, Dawid Kostempski – Chairman of the board of the Metropolitan Association of Upper Silesia and the President of Świętochłowice, Mirosław Sekuła – Marshal of the Silesian Voivodeship and Piotr Uszok – President of the City of Katowice.

What's new?

Firstly, Tadeusz Donocik briefly presented the new thematic areas that will be covered during the three days of the Congress. When it comes to novelties, this year's Congress will see the inclusion of the US-European SME sector cooperation and Poland's water economy as discussion topics. As usual, strong emphasis was placed on areas where science meets business – For the first time we were able to involve Polish Vocational Education Centers and their foreign counterparts in the Congress. Therefore, the discussion about vocational education will be far more practical – Tomasz Donocik emphasises. Ten years since the EU accession, the organisers of the European Congress of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises plan to exchange experiences with our European partners – We are particularly interested in the presence of the representatives of the 9 countries that joined the EU with us at the Congress – explains the President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Katowice.

To hear the voice of SMEs

Jerzy Buzek strongly accentuated that once again the Silesian Voivodeship will host the Congress that deals with economy and reaches far beyond the borders of our region or even Poland. The former President of the European Parliament stated that it is the biggest event of that type in this part of Europe. Event organised to hear the voice of small and medium-sized entrepreneurship whose role in the economy is no less important than that of bigger enterprises. During the Congress, we want to recognise the needs and requirements of SMEs so that the attending politicians from Poland, the EU and outside of it will hear what is important for the economy from their point of view – Jerzy Buzek signals.

The Economic NATO

It is a special right and duty of the Silesian Voivodeship to talk about small and medium-sized entrepreneurs – started Mirosław Sekuła. The Marshal of our Voivodeship accentuated the fact that the whole economic environment of this region of Poland builds cooperative advantage. - Silesian Voivodeship is currently the promised land for small and medium-sized enterprises. Their development here is unmatched and strongly supported by all the economic organisations that, luckily enough, cooperate effectively – said the Marshal. Mirosław Sekuła also reminded that during the recently finished European Economic Congress the term "Economic NATO" was used. – If we will be able to broaden the cooperation possibilities considering this new economic term, then the development chances for our enterprises will be much bigger – Mirosław Sekuła mentioned.

MAUS to co-host the IV ECSME

During the conference, Tadeusz Donocik revealed that, beginning with the upcoming edition, the Congress will be co-hosted by the Metropolitan Association of Upper Silesia. Dawid Kostempski, chairman of the board of MAUS expressed his contentment that during the Congress the representatives of self-government, government administration and entrepreneurs will be able to meet and talk with each other not only about positive matters but primarily about all the problems and obstacles to specific endeavors. – I think that during the plenary sessions we will discuss that topic  and – just like every year during this Congress – draw appropriate conclusions – Dawid Kostempski admits.

Even bigger possiblities for the ECSME

There is no need to convince anyone that, with each passing year, Katowice is becoming a more important business center. It also aspires to be among the most modern ones. In that context, Piotr Uszok, in his closing speech, referred to new objects being built in Katowice. I would like for the Congress to grow bigger in the nearest future. I mean this not only in the aspect of discussion, but also in the possibility of showcasing SME products and services – finished the President of the City of Katowice.

We would like to invite everyone to the IV European Congress of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises that will take place on September 22-24, 2014.

The support of European institutions and cooperation between regions!

The next edition of the European Congress of Small and Medium – Size Enterprises is supported by local self-governments and European institutions!

The V European Congress of Small and Medium – Size Enterprises will be organised under the Honorary Patronage of the European Commission and the High Patronage of the European Parliament. The attendence of their representatives during the event has been already confirmed. Receiving the attention of such distinguished institutions has been an honour for the organizers and it means that the undertaking has gained a significant meaning europeanwide.

We are happy to inform that Marshal of the Lesser Poland Voivodeship declared his participation in the Honorary Committee of the event. We are glad that both Marshal of the Silesian Voivodeship and Marshal of Lesser Poland Voivodship are actively participating in our undertaking. It is an excellent proof of cooperations of these two neighbourly regions. It’s worth emphasizing that Małopolskie Voivodeship has been always the co-host of every edition of the Congress.

The V European Congress of Small and Medium-Size Enterprises will last 3 days and will take place on 12-14 October at the International Conference Centre in Katowice by the title « Science – Business – Self-government. Together for the Economy ». As usual, the event will be accompanied by Biznes Expo Trade Fair, which will comprise business and small and medium-size enterprises representatives to make mutual exchange of services, knowledge, experience and contacts.

Turkish visit to Silesia in October

For Poles, Turkey is associated mainly with sunny coasts of Alanya and Bodrum. We also recognize Istambul as a city of two continents and movie plan from the last James Bond movie. About Turkish cuisine we know that mainly it’s kebab, but for sure not like the one from polish streets.  Meanwhile Turkey is 19th economy of the world, military power and primarily large domestic market with population of 76 mln people.

 Strefa przemysłowa w Ankarze

Industrial zone in Ankara

Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Katowiceis one of the biggest chambers of commerce in the country and the organizer of one of the biggest business event for SME sector in Europe: European Congress of Small and Medium-Size Enterprises in Katowice. From 14th to 19th of June 2015 the economic mission of Silesian representatives to Turkey took place, organized by CCI in Katowice with co-operation with the Trade and Investment Section of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Ankara. The aim of the mission was to establish permanent cooperation with Turkish market, to sign agreement about mutual cooperation and to invite Turkish businesses to Polandfor V ECSME, which will be held in Katowiceon 12th-14th October 2014.

Development strategy of Turkey states, that from 2023 (100th anniversary of the Republic) Turkey will be the 10th economy of the world in terms of GDP. It is based on a plan for export growth and cooperation with foreign partners. Turkey is still the main Polish partner from the Middle East and Asia. According to statistical data from 2013, in terms of export to Turkey, Turkey had 19th place and in terms of import from Turkey, it had 20th place. We mainly export mechanical and electrical appliances, vehicles, products of the chemical industry and convenience food. We import materials and textile products, vehicles and mechanical and electrical appliances. Turks express very positive opinions about our country and they very willingly cooperate with us, therefore we need to take this opportunity. – says Przemysław Grzywa, Vice-Chairman of the CCI in Katowice Council’s Commission for International Economic Cooperation, organizer of economic mission to Turkey.

The strength of Turkish market is high birth rate, growing purchasing power of society and capital and commercial ties with EU countries. Turkey is a gate for companies interested in Southern Caucasus, Central Asia and the Middle East markets. Lower unemployment than in Poland, high state expenses for infrastructure development and GDP growth in recent years shows that Turkey is an interesting market for foreign investors. Potential of industry growth is noted in industries such as: automotive, building, energy, ICT, agri-food and agro-technical, medical, environmental protection and armament.

The result of the mission is to establish contacts with Turkish organizations which represent business, local self-governments and government administration. Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Katowice signed cooperation agreements with Chambers of Commerce from Tarsus and Mersin and invited entrepreneurs from these cities for the Congress in Katowice. The cooperation agreement was also signed with the biggest Chamber of Industry in Turkey in Ankara, which associates over 7 thousand manufacturing companies from all over the country. Representatives of Silesia had also meeting with authorities from visited cities. In Ankara, serious declaration was made about willing to sign the cooperation agreement with capitals of our countries, which could happen during the Congress of SME in Katowice. Similar declaration was made by the management of KOSBEG, government agency for promoting SME, which has the same role as the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development and has jurisdiction under over 3, 2 million small and medium-size enterprises in Turkey. It is very possible that during the Congress of SME cooperation agreement will be sign between KOSBEG and Polish PAED.

Podpisanie umowy pomiędzy RIG a Mersin

Signing cooperation agreement with the Chamber of Commerce in Mersin. From the left: Tomasz Zjawiony, Vice-president of CCI in Katowice; Kasim Tanriover, Vice-president of the Board.

Podpisanie  umowy pomiędzy RIG a Tarsus

Signing cooperation agreement with the Chamber of Commerce in Tarsus.  From the left: Tomasz Zjawiony, Vice-president of CCI in Katowice;  H. Ruci Kocak, President of the Board.


Signing cooperation agreement with The Chamber of Industry in Ankara.  From the left: Tomasz Zjawiony, Vice-president of CCI in Katowice; Mehmet Zahid Poyraz, Member of the Board.

Turkey is a very important business partner for us, so it wasn’t a coincidence that we organize economic mission to this country. The Congress of SME in October which we organize as CCI is not only an area for the exchange of ideas, experiences and good practice but most of all business contacts and it seems that in this year Congress will participate strong representation of our partners from Turkey interested in cooperation with Polish entrepreneurs – comments Tomasz Zjawiony, Vice-president of CCI and the head of the mission in which except from entrepreneurs also took part inter alia representatives of Marshall Office, Silesian Investor and Exporter Assistance Centre, Special Economic Zone in Katowice.


Mer miasta Mersin przyjmuje brokat
From the left: Tomasz Zjawiony and Mayor of the city Mersin

Agencja Rozwoju w Ankarze

From the left: Przemysław Grzywa, Vice -Chairman of the CCI in Katowice Council’s Commission for International Economic Cooperation ; Tomasz Zjawiony, Vice-president of CCI in Katowice; Seref Furkan Ceylan – Expert, Development Agency in Ankara.


Newly location

For the first time in the history, the European Congress of Small and Medium-Size Enterprises will take place in a newly opened location. Participants in panel discussions, debates and accompanying events and workshops will gather at the International Congress Centre in Katowice. Single place, but so many possibilities! Location in the city centre has only advantages – easy access, parking and close proximity to interesting places.


The International Congress Centre in Katowice is located in place so-called Culture Zone, in place of the old “Katowice” Coal Mine. Places that belong to it are: the icon of Katowice – the “Spodek” Sport and Entertainment Arena, the new residence of the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra in Katowice and the new Silesian Museum. Culture Zone in Katowice is the biggest investment in Silesian voivodeship over the few years.

Spot promising fifth edition of the Congress

We count the days until October, and in the meantime take a look at the spot promising fifth edition of the Congress!

The V European Congress of Small and Medium-Size Enterprises will take place on 12-14 October, for the first time at a newly opened International Congress Centre in Katowice. Participation in the Congress is free of charge – the registration of participants is open. The program of the event and registration form is available here:

Science – Business relations

At the request of prof. Michał Kleiber, the President of the Polish Academy of Sciences, prof. Tadeusz Baczko, the representative of the "Polska 2020" Forecasting Committee at the Presidium of PAS, prepared an elaboration of the cooperation between the scientific community and business representatives.


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